Natural Soy Candles

We love making soy candles because soy is natural and is 100% biodegradable. Which means it’s safe for you and your family.

Soy Candles Provide A Clean Burn

Because it’s natural, soy burns clean; which means there are no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants, and it’s less likely to trigger allergies.

Fragrance - Soy Candles

Soy wax holds and releases fragrances extremely well, even if it’s a subtle scent or a robust one. Enjoy a potent candle with the fragrance you love.

[left-quote] We here at Mama Bear Candles chose to make our candles from Soy wax rather than Paraffin wax because we believe in burning a cleaner candle that has the unique benefits we’ve mentioned above and more.

Soy Wax is an endless resource that contributes to the natural cycle and doesn’t release pollutants when burned. It is made from soy beans and offers a considerably less amount of soot emission when burned. Because of its natural components it is easier to be around for those with allergic reactions or asthma as well.

We believe in offering a candle that is not only good for our consumers but one that also stands apart from other soy candles by having invigorating scents and a beautiful, clean flame.

– The Team at Mama Bear Candles

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